5 Video Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers

Video marketing has become more popular in the last 5-10 years.

For many small businesses, it’s a great way to reach more potential customers and influencers.

If you’re looking for a unique way to increase awareness for your brand while also attracting more customers, video could be the answer.

Here are a few specific ways for interior designers to use video marketing.

1. Showing Examples

At the end of each job, take a few minutes to walk through the new interior design that you’ve completed. Go through each of the big items that you designed as well as the small details.

For each segment or each room, take a minute to put the camera on yourself and discuss how you came to the design inspiration and why you did certain things. Also discuss maybe a few other options and things like that.

2. Documenting Your Design Process

As you’re working on current projects, take time to discuss what you’re thinking, doing and that kind of thing. You may not even be sure exactly what you’re going to do or how the project will turn out, but that’s okay.

People are interested in behind-the-scenes information. They like seeing the process even if the project isn’t finished yet. It also allows potential customers to see how you work and they can get to know you. So when they hire you they don’t need to get to know you as much.

3. Question & Answer

If you’re just starting out with marketing for your interior design business, spend some time thinking about all the questions your past clients have asked you. Then think about your answer for each.

Then sit in front of the camera and start answering them. You can publish each Q&A as its own video.

Then start soliciting questions from social media or YouTube. Definitely post your videos on YouTube and encourage viewers to ask questions in the comments.

You can also seek out questions that people are posing on social media by searching for hashtags like #design #homes and more.

4. Before & After

As you begin each project, start taking some before video. Then you can combine it with your finished project walkthroughs to create some nice before and after video content.

As you create the before content, take the time to share your thoughts on the video. What you’re seeing. Potential challenges. How you’re thinking you might change things.

5. Tips & Tricks

Finally, every couple months take some time to think about general tips and tricks that you can share with people. You can create a regular publishing schedule of these.

Maybe the first one is about throw pillows. The next one is about curtains. The one after that is TV placement.

No tip is too small. People are looking for all kinds of helpful things when it comes to their home’s interior.


Video is great for people that are comfortable being on camera…obviously. Try it out using your phone to start. It doesn’t have to be the highest quality. See if you like it. If the potential is there you can look to buy better equipment and maybe even hire someone to help with filming and editing.

Dayne Shuda
Dayne Shuda
Dad, husband, golfer, and bow hunter. Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.