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Alaska Travel & Tourism

Alaska Channel Logo Logo Design

Founded in 1993, The Alaska Channel lives to tell the stories of people who call Alaska their home. They help independent travelers experience the best Alaska has to offer – without the cookie-cutter experiences.


The Alaska Channel is a team of multi-channel marketing strategists who provide both in-home and out-of-home advertising solutions for Alaska businesses. I had the absolute pleasure of partnering with them for nearly a decade, providing everything from art direction and website design to consulting on various business endeavors and opportunities. 

Accomplishments include:

  • Lead the redesign of, a 10,000+ page travel website, in both 2013 and 2019. The results of the 2013 redesign included an increase of unique visits by 158%.
  • Established an online infrastructure to ease advertising management and sales across 4 major airports in Alaska on
  • Created the first edition of The Alaska Map in collaboration with a cartographer, using editorial and advertiser-driven content.
  •  Designed a unique photo contest campaign to generate tens of thousands of photos to fill a 60-foot wide photo mosaic inside the Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport.

Responsibilities Home Homepage
An example of a tour operator's page on
Interactive map of Alaska highlighting each region's key destinations and the transportation method required to travel there.

The Alaska Map

36" x 27" printed statewide map with scenic drives, top desintations and attractions, and glacier and wildlife viewing locations.

Alaska Channel Website
Alaska Channel's company website.

Her breadth of knowledge—which also includes an understanding of development—saves us a huge amount of time. Sarah is extremely organized—I've never had to explain anything twice. I don't know how she does it, but she's a gem who combines Midwestern friendliness and flexibility with being at the forefront of web and mobile design.

–Bob Kaufman, Alaska Channel