Product Design • Web Design • User Experience

I design delightful, customer-focused digital products.


Design Director at Giftster

The family wish list maker loved by over 2 million members.

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Meet Sarah Shuda

I'm a friendly, midwestern, digital product designer who takes pride in transforming complex problems into delightful digital experiences that impact people’s everyday lives.
Working with Sarah was such a blessing. I had an idea of what I wanted, and she captured my vision so much better than I could have expected. From our logo design, to marketing materials, and eventually a website, I couldn’t have asked for an easier person to work with. Communication was easy; Sarah also has an understanding of nutrition and wellness and is passionate about it. This was perfect for our branding because our product is rooted in improved health and wellness. Designing a brand and website is no easy task – Sarah met our needs perfectly because of her understanding of our product, our ideal client and her desire to support and encourage health for our environment and our bodies.
–Tyler Stanek, Spring Cut Cattle Co.