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Homemade Ice Cream & Deli

Olson's Ice Cream


We redesigned Olson’s website to better accommodate their new, second location and to aid in marketing their 75th-anniversary celebrations.

The biggest challenge was coordinating two phases of development for a single location and then launching new infrastructure to accommodate a second location with a completely unique menu and hours.

Notable Features

  • New detailed location pages and integrated a video tour feature for their newest location to provide a look inside for new visitors.
  • Interactive map of locations selling their ice cream in take-home containers. 
  • New catering page to help increase ice cream bar bookings for special events.
  • Content Management System implementation

The Design

To honor Olson’s history, our primary design goal was to make the website feel classic and timeless. Part of Olson’s charm is that it’s a family-owned and operated business deeply rooted in the Chippewa Valley community. I made sure the website accurately represented that with old-fashioned design elements, retro accent colors, and an about page filled with historic and family photos.


Olson's new Eau Claire location

Email Marketing Campaigns

Olson's Ice Cream Email Marketing