Latest Launch: Ghost Blog Writers

Ghost Blog Writers Logo

Meet Ghost Blog Writers. The latest project re-design launched from Sarah Lynn Design.


  1. Transform the homepage to make it clear what services GBW offers and approve upon the calls to action
  2. Re-align the Ghost Blog Writers brand to emphasize the professionals behind the content that is created

Logo Design

One of the appealing aspects to ghost writing is that someone else writes as you or as your business. It’s a very difficult task to take on a persona of someone else, especially if the original writer has started off the relationship with the readers. Ghost Blog Writers will write as a business which is great for those who don’t have the time or resources internally to dedicate to writing. The concept behind the logo is to emphasize this element of Ghost Blog Writers’s business. It is one of the unique aspects to their business. The press-styled hat remains intact from the previous logo to represent the content & research GBW’s writers produce.

Homepage Design

The main focus of this project was to address the homepage and overall feel of the website. As you can see below, we selected orange, (a highly contrasting color from the others used on the page) to provide clear calls to action. The copy, written by Ghost Blog Writers, is focused on being direct.

Their previous design didn’t offer a clear vision of what exactly they provide for their clients. Now, the homepage is designed with the most important content towards the top of the page. Building a longer homepage can be challenging, especially since there is a misconception that users don’t scroll past “the fold”. Users will scroll, if you give them visual clues to do so. Although it’s always best practice to place the most important content towards the top of the page. The placement of images, large headings and different colored backgrounds as you scroll helps to keep the focus moving downward.

Ghost Blog Writers Homepage

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