Overnight Website Challenge Review

The weekend of the Overnight Website Challenge has come and gone. I was glad to be a part of the Twin Cities EE Team. Our team was selected in the top 4 out of 18 teams. Amazing work guys!!

Media Coverage

Team: Twin Cities EE

Our non-profit was the Franconia Sculpture Park. I couldn’t be happier!! We were hoping to be able to work with them. Not only were they prepared, they were super friendly and incredibly deserving! They came prepared with tons of photos, lots of great ideas and two big smiles on their faces. The developers on our team gave them the moon using the Expression Engine CMS. Not only can the public book a tour online or view an interactive sculpture map, they can view BIG photos of the park. Everything at the park is BIG. There current site doesn’t give them enough credit nor come close to offering a BIG presence as so many of their beautiful sculptures do. All of Franconia’s artists will now each have their own artist page with places to display their work, share a video and promote themselves. New artists can apply for fellowships right online. That includes attaching any artwork, sketches and works too! Imagine all the time that will save the Franconia staff, allowing them to do bigger and better things! Our team gave them that and SO much more. Take a peek:

Before the Challenge

Before Franconia Sculpture Park Website

After the Challenge

New Homepage Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia New Blog Design

Event Photos

]Twin Cities EE Working

Designer Twin Cities EE[

Franconia Sculpture Park Design[


OWC Perks

The challenge was a lot of work but also fun too! I received an amazing hot towel treatment by the barber (shown below). He gave the guys some close shaves during the wee hours of the morning. There was also a group of massage therapists offering chair massages till about 1 am. I have to say it didn’t help me stay awake though! But it sure felt amazing. We received amazing spreads of food throughout the day/night/morning. We received lasagna, salads, coffee from Peace Coffee, Izzy’s Ice Cream brought in a tasty spread of ice creams. I managed to try grapefruit, chocolate brownie & bubblegum.

Photo Courtesy of the Nerdery

Read more about the winning team and the event at the Nerdery’s Blog.  

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