Why You Should Reuse Blog Content in Email Campaigns

Why Reuse Blog Content?

For us and many other online businesses, blogging or publishing content regularly on our website increases our overall traffic.

No matter how brilliant your content is, chances are even your biggest fans aren’t going to read every post you publish—at least not right away.

Including your blog post content in your email newsletters increases the likelihood of your audience reading your content.

The same holds true for social media. If they are only looking at their feeds, what are the chances your customer is going to happen to be online when your post pops into their feed?

Very low…

On top of that, they have to interested in what you are sharing at that same moment. You’re also competing with billions of other articles.

We create as much information in two days now as we did from the dawn of man through 2003.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROI’s in marketing because it is something your subscriber signed up for. They told you they are interested in what you have to say and you aren’t competing with nearly as much content in someone’s inbox as you are on social media.

Reusing blog content in email campaigns allows you to cutout some of the noise for your reader and give your content a second chance to be seen. 

Assuming your audience sees everything you post, when you post it is wishful thinking.

What Type of Content is Best for Reuse?

There are many different content strategies. Depending on your business you may have a need to post very timely content. But, every business should at a minimum be publishing timeless content on their website. 

What is timeless content?

Timeless content is something you can share repeatedly without it becoming outdated. I believe the best content strategy is providing answers to your customer’s questions.

For example, a retailer could publish an article on the 5 most versatile items to have in your closet. Or they might write a guide on the best materials to wear when doing yoga. Another great idea might be to create a jean guide and explain what jeans to pair with high heels vs. flats.

Anything that helps your customer move closer to making a purchase is a smart content strategy.

Pay Attention To Customer Questions

Some of the most important people on your team are the ones who interact with your customers one-on-one. Your customer service reps have the inside tract on what questions your customer’s are asking.

If you involve these valuable team members in your content strategy you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge to help you create timeless content.

Saving Money

Writing blog content, social media updates and email campaigns takes time and costs money. If you start with a content strategy that allows for reuse across all channels you’ll save your business money and build up a library of purposeful content your audience will find valuable for years to come.

Happy Emailing!

Sarah Shuda
Sarah Shuda
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