3 Content Marketing Strategies for Small Ecommerce Sites

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Content marketing continues to be important for online businesses.

Even for small ecommerce companies, content marketing is important. In fact, it can be more important for smaller, niche ecommerce companies than it is for larger ones.

You don’t necessarily need unlimited resources to create content people want. The information world is a true market. The best content wins and the consumers decide.

If you’ve been considering a content strategy, here are a few ideas that might help…

#1. Q&A Blogging

Your customers and potential customers are asking a lot of questions online. They’re going on Google and searching for answers to those questions. They’re doing the same on YouTube and social media and all kinds of places online.

A great blogging strategy involves identifying as many questions as you can and providing the best answer you can with posts. It’s simple. You can certainly do other types of posts, but question and answer is a great foundational blogging strategy.

Simple questions, difficult questions, all kinds of questions.

Identify what your customers are asking and provide the answers regularly. The great thing is they will always have more and you can always go back and update old posts when new information is available.

#2. Product Video for Social Media

Video has been growing in the content world for over a decade. It’s now perhaps the most popular form of content consumed online.

A good starting strategy for video is to film how your products works. Testing them out in various ways to show how they work and what they can do. Even simple products can be great for videos.

You don’t have to be Spielberg to make video. You can start out very basic and work you way up once you start to see some interest and traction with viewers.

#3. Guesting

If you’re just starting out with a content strategy or even with your business in general, it’s good to go where the people are. That’s what guesting does. You bring the content to the places with people.

Think of the musician that goes on late night TV to tell a few stories and then share their new song. That’s guesting.

Content guesting can include blog posts, podcasts, videos and more. All kinds of little niches have different content channels. Just search for the channels in your niche. Start contacting them pitching your ideas for content and guesting and line up the opportunities on your schedule.


These strategies can work in conjunction with each other. You don’t have to choose just one. I think they are all great places to begin for a small etailer. They will likely be around and still viable many years from now.

Dayne Shuda
Dayne Shuda
Dad, husband, golfer, and bow hunter. Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.

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