5 Blog Strategy Ideas for Tourism Websites

Tourism is big business in the United States.

People are still saving money and looking for cheap entertainment. One of things people can still do with family and friends is visit various tourist locations. The travel could be a drive to a different city or even just a stroll through the park in the town where you live.

Because tourism remains such a draw for so many people it’s important that tourism sites understand how to appeal to their customers.

Today, many people go online to search for interesting places to visit. This means that you want your website to be found when people are doing searches. One of the best ways to be found on the web is to maintain a tourism blog. The blog will allow you to post updated information and useful insight about your location and why people should come and visit.

Here are 5 useful strategies you can use on your tourism blog to keep people interested.

1. Seasonal Activity Suggestions

Hiking is a great three season activity in Wisconsin and it can turn into snow shoeing in the winter.

Seasons are a big part of areas in the Midwest and a few other spots across the US. As the weather changes so do the activities. People know the generalities like skiing in the winter and enjoying the water in the summer, but there are certainly plenty of other things to do throughout the year too.

This is where your knowledge comes in. Provide seasonal suggestions for people that they may not think about right away. When people visit they want to know they can be active all the time on their vacation. Provide some interesting suggestions and you’ll have people picturing themselves doing that activity. They’ll have to come and visit.

2. Low Cost Activities for Families

Check out the caves in South Dakota for a fun and low cost activity.

While people are a little more apt to spend money on vacation there is still a need to save while on vacation.

By providing suggestions for low cost activities you’ll be providing a useful guide for people visiting your city. There are always big attractions for people when they visit, but in between the big events there is time to fill. People are looking for suggestions that won’t cost as much as the big ticket items.

3. Photos to Create Emotion

Yes. I want to take a photo like this when I visit Old Faithful. How blue is that sky?

Photos are a big part of travel. People like to read descriptions, but if you want a successful travel website you need amazing photos of your location. People would probably look at entire blog posts of just photos with captions.

Think about how you read a magazine. You browse through it once looking at the photos and the captions. From there you determine, which articles – based on the images and captions – are worth reading.

A neat strategy for a travel blog would be a series of little places nobody knows about. Do a feature each week on your blog about a destination. Make sure to include about 8 to 12 photos and captions of the place. People will love it. They’ll keep coming back to see next week’s post and they’ll love it until they have to come and visit.

4. Don’t Forget About Shopping

There is shopping in Branson? I bet you can get some great Christmas gifts there.

People like buying things when they visit a new place. The emotion of being in a new setting makes the wallet just a little looser. While people still look to save money overall they still want to find unique items they can take home for memories. By suggestion places to shop you’ll be catering to this need.

Make suggestions of neat local places that people might not be able to find anywhere else on the web. Everybody is looking for that hidden gem on the side of the road that will have just the right item for them to take back home.

5. Food Suggestions

Great job here from The Hot Sheet in Arizona.

People are crazy about food when they go on vacation. For some it’s the only time they get to eat out twice each day and they really look forward to eating different and eating well. Some trips are planned entirely around food so be sure to include some food topics on your travel blog. It’s what people want to read.

When writing about food make sure you include some money saving suggestions. You could suggest a local grocery store that sells local foods. This would give you readers a way to eat cheap a couple times while still eating well and experiencing the local cuisine.


There are lots of different strategies travel businesses can take with a blog. The biggest thing is to consider what people do on their vacations. Obviously you understand this so take what you know and incorporate it into your blog. It really can be that easy. There is no secret to blogging. You already have all the knowledge you need. Just put it down in words and your customers will respond by finding you online.

That’s what it’s all about. You appeal to people looking for something to do online and earn their attention so they come visit.

Dayne Shuda
Dayne Shuda
Dad, husband, golfer, and bow hunter. Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.