50 Subject Line Ideas

Stuck trying to write an intriguing subject line that could make or break your email campaign?

Here are over 50 subject lines for your inspiration.

New Years

Plan your email concepts out in advance. Use an upcoming holiday to inspire your next email campaign. 

  • Top [blank] of 2015
  • Our Favorite Moments from 2015
  • Bring In The New Year With [blank]
  • Get The Gift You Really Wanted
  • One Last Gift To Open
  • End of Year Blowout
  • Santa is Gone. Our Biggest Sale is ON.
  • Grab a [Blank] Before The New Year!
  • The Event of The Year Has Started
  • Resolution #1 – [Blank]
  • Ring in the New Year with [Blank]
  • A New Year Needs a New [Blank]


We all hate to miss out on a good deal. Add any of the following to your subject lines to create a sense of urgency.

  • Final Hours
  • Last Chance
  • Last Call
  • Flash Sale
  • Ending Today
  • Ends Soon
  • One Week Only
  • Hurry
    Going Fast
  • While Supplies Last
  • There’s Still Time
  • Time is Running Out
  • Don’t Miss Out
  • It’s Not Too Late
  • 24 Hours Left to Save on [Blank]


Don’t give everything away in your subject line. Surprise your subscribers by making them wonder.

  • And the Winner Is…
  • What’s [Blank] and [Blank] and on Sale Now?
  • The 10 Hottest [Blank]
  • 5 Trends You Must Know About
  • Impress Your Guests With These
  • New Features To Save You Time
  • These New Trends Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon

All About You

Well not you them… Make it about your customer. Get personal and put yourself in their shoes.

  • Something Just For You
  • Styles You Can’t Miss Seeing
  • Your Favorite [Blank] Has Arrived
  • Need a Hand With That [First Name]?
  • You Deserve a [Blank]
  • Must-See Destinations You Will Love

Sale Focused

  • Save on Just-Added [Blank]
  • [Blank] Sale Starts Now!
  • The Biggest Clearance Event Ever!
  • Up to [Blank]% Off
  • Most Wanted [Blank]
  • Too Much of A Good Thing? Starts Now.
  • It’s a Miracle! [Blank] Sale Has Been Extended!


  • Silky Smooth Desserts To Die For
  • Sink Your Teeth Into This
  • Get This Free With Any Meal
  • Our Favorite Dishes From 2015
  • Say Hello To The New [Blank]
  • Get to Know Chef [Blank] + New Dishes
  • Warm up to a Bowl/Cup/Dish of [Blank]
Sarah Shuda
Sarah Shuda
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