6 Ways to Create an Environment Your Creative Team Will Thrive In

Creativity on its own will not lead to profits.

But when businesses create an environment that fosters creativity especially with their most creative team members and the businesses then have systems to take ideas and implement them the result is often an increase in profits.

Whew. That was a long sentence.

Basically, having creative people on your team is good, but if you don’t foster the right environment then you’re not going to see the entirety of the results that are possible.

Here are some ways to foster an environment at your company where creative people can thrive.

1. Allow For Personalization

Studies have found that when people, especially creatives, are allowed to personalize their workspace they’re more productive and happy at work. I look at Sarah’s office and my office. If they were designed the same I think one or us would be unhappy and possibly both of us would be unhappy.

Thankfully, though, we have our own offices and we have very different ways to personalize things.

Sarah likes to have a little bit of consistency in design, but also some different unique items. She has unique colors. She likes to be able to change things around from time-to-time. I think she’s good with organizing her space, but she’s unique in the way she does it with a white and orange shelving unit and things like that.

My office, on the other hand, is very bare. My desk is clear other than a glass of water and laptop. I like to look around my office once in a while and think about what I can remove from the space. It’s very minimal and I like that. I don’t like distraction although I do like looking out the window to kind of observe nature from time to time.

The takeaway is that everyone is different in what makes them comfortable. You can set a few guidelines, but allow team members the ability to personalize their own space and perhaps even a more public space like a white board in the entryway or a mural wall in the break room.

2. Embrace Serendipity

There are benefits to serendipity in many aspects of life including work and business. It’s an oxymoron to try and foster serendipity, but I feel that businesses can embrace it. Some businesses or individuals in businesses try to kind of push back against serendipity because unexpected things can be uncomfortable.

As a boss or as a leader you can embrace serendipity by keying in on the conversations employees are having and being excited for those that experience serendipity in their lives. And you can do the same obviously when serendipity happens as it relates to things with the business.

By embracing serendipity yourself and communicating the benefits you allow others in the business to do the same. It’s good for most people and especially for creatives because it’s something many creatives need to fuel their desires.

3. Require Time For Thinking

We kind of live in a backwards world where many people are tuned in to business 24/7. It’s easy to kind of expect employees to be available at all hours of the day. We can send an email, text or whatever and know that the person probably has their phone next to them at any moment.

But just because we can connect at any time doesn’t mean we should. And I think we should actually foster or even require the opposite. I think it’s beneficial to encourage employees to unplug and simply take some time for thinking.

Encourage your team to take walks during the day. You can lead the charge by taking breaks and nipping at those that are working straight through without taking breaks.

4. Encourage Quantity

Creatives often get really good at their craft through quantity. Quantity is what leads to quality in our lives, but as we get older we start to fear the idea of doing something that we’re not good at. When we’re kids we don’t really care and that’s why some kids will draw all day everyday and by the time they’re adults they’re really good at drawing and can turn it into a vocation.

The same is true with writing, video shooting and any number of creative tasks that go into business. When you bring on new people and even with longtime employees you want to encourage quantity when they’re working on new things like new technology or new tasks for your business.

5. Allow For Partial Flexibility

The world we live in today allows for more flexibility in the workforce than ever. It’s very easy for people to work from remote locations like home, the coffee shop, the park and any number of places.

There are benefits, especially in creative jobs, to change the environment. You can have a wonderful office, but over time you’ll get used to the surroundings and it can lead to a decline in creative ability.

You can change that by allow employees flexibility with things like where they work or how they work. Focus on the expected results as the goal and not necessarily the way those results are achieved.

Obviously there’s a balance. You most likely need some time requirements and things like that and if the results aren’t being achieved you have to make changes, but by offering flexibility you provide freedom, which is important for creative individuals.

6. Create A System To Identify And Implement The Best Ideas

Finally, we looked at this one earlier in the post. It’s one thing to have a creative environment for your team, but if they’re coming up with great ideas and none of those ideas are being implemented then it’s going to lead to a negative situation.

However, there also needs to be balance because it’s easy to have ideas, but more difficult to follow through and act on ideas. So you have to work with your team to harness the best ideas and then keep those individuals focused on the one or two best ideas they’ve had so they can see things through for the betterment of themselves and for the business.

Make yourself and managers available to discuss ideas with team members. Be there to work with them to create priorities and then allow for resource allotment so they have what they need to follow through.


Having a creative team is wonderful for most businesses. In a creative environment your team can discover ways to make improvements that allow the individuals and your business to grow and thrive. Use the tips in this article to make changes at your company so that you can see the results you deserve at your company as a result of having a creative team.

Dayne Shuda
Dayne Shuda
Dad, husband, golfer, and bow hunter. Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.

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