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The health business has been booming.

Businesses of all kinds have been opening.

Gyms. Private practices. Consultants. All kinds. It’s wonderful.

But with the opportunity also comes competition. If you’ve been struggling to get new customers, especially via your website, for your health business then one reason could be a lack of website content.

Here are a few tips to boost your health blog to attract more people.

1. Boost Quantity

Quantity will lead to quality. Blogging is like swimming. You can read about it. You can talk about it. You can theorize. Eventually you’ll never learn unless you get in and start doing it.

Yet many small business owners procrastinate and make excuses for not creating content because they only want to create quality content.

It’s fine if you don’t want to blog. But don’t expect the results others that are blogging are seeing.

The key to blogging is long-term, consistent quantity. 3+ times a week is what you’re shooting for. More on what to blog about in a bit.

2. Eliminate Selling Language

Just take it all out. Forget about selling anything for your business in the blog. Even at the end or on the side bar or anything. Just remove it all.

People that read your blog aren’t interested in buying anything from you. At least not right now.

The vast majority will be interacting with you for the first time when they read a blog post.

Focus on the long game. The much longer game. You’re looking to build a brand. A brand that will attract buyers. The blog is simply a way to grow awareness, trust and reputation for your brand.

Anytime you sell you trade long-term for short-term and it doesn’t work.

3. Practical, Timeless Tips & Insight

Don’t overlook the basics. If you’re a yoga instructor create a how-to blog post for even the basic poses. You may be the expert and so may other instructors, but you’re not looking to attract other instructors to you blog.

Speak to the person you want to help. Give them practical tips and insight. For what you do and for related topics. If you’re that yoga instructor, also discuss diet and other forms of exercise. Discuss the life of a busy parent or a busy professional. Or the student that wants to stay in shape.

Also focus on timeless tips. Identify the things people are searching for today that they also searched for last month and that they’ll search for in a year from now.

Look at other blogs. Find gaps in what they’re writing. Look at comments. Look on social media. Forums, chat rooms, in person and more. That’s where you find questions for what people want to know.

4. Stories, Case Studies

Also include your personal stories and case studies. Be careful with this one. You don’t want to get into selling things. But adding personal stories is one great way to separate yourself from the other health blogs out there.

Why do people follow influencers on blogs, YouTube, podcasts and social media? They follow for the story and the journey (and for the quantity).

5. Internal Data

As you work with your business, focus on the stats your customers are allowing you to collect. Keep it anonymous, but if there are stats you’re seeing that can help people then share it with blog posts.

Maybe five people started walking everyday and their health has improved. Share it. You don’t have to make claims that it will work for everyone out there. But share it and hope that someone will find it and use the information for themselves.

6. Forget Stats

This is forgetting the stats around your blog. Check-in every six months or even a year to see how the growth has been going. If you pay too much attention to the blog stats you’ll become discouraged.

First, because it takes years to build solid organic traffic. Most that start a blog give up way before that has a chance to kick in.

Second, the more you pay attention to stats the more likely you’ll be to play short-term games to try and boost the stats.

Remember, blogging is a long-term game. Those that focus on the long-term are the ones that are winning. Just look at your favorite blogs. They’ve been around a long time.

7. Repurposing

Instagram, podcast, YouTube and more.

Take your blog post that included a tip about yoga and create a one minute video for Instagram and YouTube. Record audio and post it as a podcast. Hire someone to help do this for you. Even if you can’t do that it’s really not that difficult.

A blog can be the foundation for all your content.


There are obviously a million health blogs out there. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t beat them all. In fact, you have an advantage if you focus on the long-term because the majority aren’t. They’re focusing on the short-term. And that never works out.

But if you can be patient and follow the tips above you’ll be in a strong position.

Dayne Shuda
Dayne Shuda
Dad, husband, golfer, and bow hunter. Owner of Ghost Blog Writers.

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