New Client Website Launched – Personally Paired

I’d like to introduce Personally Paired – A business that redefines the way care seekers and providers connect. I’ve worked with the founder of Personally Paired to develop a website that allows visitors to sign-up for events which allow parents and sitters to meet one another one on one and decide if they fit each others needs. If you’re in the Boston area and fit the description of a parent or a sitter, check out her site! It might just be what you are looking for.

Why we enjoyed designing the Personally Paired Website and Identity

-The client offered a unique business idea for us to work with -The client had trust in our design knowledge and gave us the freedom we needed to give them a successful website according to their  needs -The style of design the client enjoyed was right up our alley too, making the project a lot of fun to work on Take a look at a few of the pages below or visit the site

Personally Paired | Homepage Design

Personally Paired | How it Works Page Design

Personally Paired | Events Page Design

Personally Paired | FAQ Page Design

Sarah Shuda
Sarah Shuda
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