Why Blog When Everything Has Already Been Written About?

Your voice

There isn’t a single person on Earth that has the same voice as you. I’m not talking about the sound that comes out of your mouth when you speak. I’m referring to your writing voice.

When we express our thoughts and opinions or the facts on any given subject it may be more enjoyable for one person to read than another. It’s the same reason you might love an author and your good friend may loathe their writing.

Think back to all of the teachers you’ve had over the years. You likely had many different people teach you the same subject. But what made you connect with one teacher more than another?

Your voice is one of the many reasons you should continue to write.

The way you explain something might resonate really well with someone. You may get through to them in ways your competition couldn’t.

Maybe everything has been written about.

But not by you.

Your audience

Content marketing is all about helping your ideal audience. 

Your audience may share similar characteristics with a business similar to yours but they are not identical by any means. What may resonate with someone else’s audience may crash and burn with yours.

Many topics have been written about in the centuries humans have lived. But, your audience wants to hear it from you. When you write about what your audience is interested in, it shows you’re listening. People tend to enjoy being heard.

Spend time listening to your audience. Use the questions they have to craft what you write about.

Write for your audience. Show them you are listening.

Content curation

Trying to find reputable sources for information online can be cumbersome. Once you discover a great blog or website you hold on for dear life.

If you think about how Amazon has approached business you’ll see how they latched on to the idea of curation. They’ve made it easy for their customers to buy everything they need all in one place. They solve problem after problem for their customers so they don’t have to look elsewhere.

Curate your content and write about topics your audience cares about you’ll continue to grow your audience.

Lifelong education

Aside from serving others, writing is also a self-serving act. In school when you read a book for class you didn’t just read it and move on to the next one. You wrote about it. You discussed it with classmates.

Blogging works the same way.

The more you write and think about the things you have learned the more information you end up retaining.

How does the saying go?

If you don’t use it you lose it.

It couldn’t be more true. The more thought you give a new topic the more memorable it becomes. I for one want to continue to grow and learn about the world. I want to see things from different perspectives and think outside the box.

Writing will help you expand your mind.


The next time you’re looking for an excuse to quit writing remember you have a unique voice to contribute to the world. You have an audience, no matter how small, that is listening and wants you to listen in return. They are amazing people like you and I who have busy lives and need someone to curate for them. Writing isn’t all about serving others. To be able to serve others you must first take care of yourself. Writing will help you do that by aiding in information retention.

Now get out there and start writing!

Sarah Shuda
Sarah Shuda
Designer. Mom. Wife. Loves Gilmore Girls, healthy living, and long walks in the country.